Friday, January 29, 2010

Grocery Deals 01/27/10 - 02/2/10

Hello everyone! This week's stockpiling deals are as follows:

Piggly Wiggly (Brundidge and Troy) Ad in mailbox

Fresh fryer thighs or drumsticks (family pack) - $.79/lb
Idaho potatoes 5 lb bag - $.99
Assorted products of Coca-Cola 2 ltr btl - $.79 (limit 4)
Kraft mayonnaise or Miracle Whip 32 oz jar - $2.99
Hunt's tomato ketchup 24 oz squeeze btl - $.99
Grand's biscuits 16.3 oz can - 2/$3 less $.30/2 printable coupon or from 12-06 SS
McKenzie 20 oz cream-style corn - $.99
Sister Schubert rolls - 2/$5 less $.50 coupon from 11-15 SS
White or red seedless grapes - $1.99 per lb
Variety of apples $.99 per lb

IGA (ad in Dothan Eagle)

Fresh fryer leg quarters - $.49 per lb
Green bell peppers - 2/$1

Efurds (ad in Dothan Eagle)

Tenderlean pork Boston Butts - $.99 per lb
Bone-in whole ribeyes - $3.99 per lb
Bone-in ribeye steaks (family pack) - $4.99 per lb
Boneless, skinless fryer breast - $1.89 per lb

U-Sav (ad in Dothan Eagle)

Market pack fryer breast - $.89 per lb
2-pack Boston Butt pork roast - $.95 per lb (Must find 2 pack at Wal-Mart to comp)
Kraft Mayonnaise 32 oz jar - $2.89
Daisy sour cream 8 oz - $.79

Food Depot (Cost + 10%) (ad in Dothan Eagle)

# 2 whole ribeyes $2.55 per lb
10lb bag fryer leg quarters $.44 per lb
Kraft BBQ sauce 18 oz (regular only) - $.99
Cucumbers or fresh green onions - $.44
Lipton 24 ct tea bags - $1.69
Maxwell House coffee 11.5 oz bag (original only) - $1.99 less $1.00/2 coupon from 12-13 SS

Piggly Wiggly (Dothan-Cost + 10%) (ad in Dothan Eagle)

Beef cube steak family pack - $1.97 per lb
PW gallon milk - $2.45
Angel Soft bath tissue (4 roll) - $.77 (I have not found these at Wal-Mart)
Kraft salad dressing 16 oz - $1.96
Assorted Totinos pizzas $.98
Bounty towels - $.77 less $.25 coupon from 12-27 PG
Sara Lee classic white bread - 2/$3
Bananas - $.38 per lb

Target (ad in Sunday's Dothan Eagle)

Olay 5 oz Regenerist Cleanser $5.49 less $3.00 coupon from 01-17-PG
18 oz Oreo cookies - $2.79
24 pk Dasani water - $3.99
14 ct 15 mg Prevacid 24 hr - $10.99 less $3.00 coupon from 01-10 SS or $2.00 coupon from display
Crayola 64 ct crayons - $2.00
Crayola 10 ct broad tip classic markers - $2.00

Winn Dixie (ad from store or Winn Dixie website)

Chicken thighs or drumsticks BOGO - $.90 per lb (Must buy 2 packs-Wal-Mart will not match)
Any size package boneless ribeye steaks - $5.99 per lb
Doritos BOGO - $2.00 each (Must buy 2 bags-Wal-Mart will not match)
Keebler Fudge Shoppe cookies BOGO $2.20 each (less $1.00 printable coupon if Cheesecake Middles are included) (You must buy 2 packages - Wal-Mart will not match)

I shop by mostly purchasing items that are on rock bottom sales prices and stockpile. It is even better if I have a coupon. I do buy milk, eggs, bread and a few other items weekly or every other week as I need them.

My goal on Grocery Store Deals is to provide to you the items I see in the sales ads listed above that are to me at stockpile prices. I usually know the best prices on items I normally buy for my family but you may have a higher or lower price in mind. For example, I always stock up on fryer breast at $.99/lb or assorted pork chops at $1.50/lb. Please comment if you see a better deal so we all can share in the savings. There are a few stores in the area that I do not have store ads for that may indeed have a cheaper price. Since I do take my ads to my local Wal-Mart and comp prices and you must have the ads with you, I have only included those ads. Remember, you need to obtain the Dothan Eagle from Wednesday to find these ads except for Target (Sunday's DE) or Winn Dixie (website or store) and take these ads with you to the store.

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