Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How I Save Money on Groceries

Several years ago I saw a special on the Food Network about the website The Grocery Game. I decided to give it a try. It changed my way of shopping forever. About a year ago I decided to cancel my subscription and try to shop on my own. From that experience I have found myself where I am today.
From several years of watching prices, I basically shop for things that I normally would buy and pretty much know what I would pay and match sales and coupons from the local paper. Due to my time and distance, I take these ads to my local WalMart and comp the prices. My local WalMart also takes internet printable coupons which makes a huge difference in your grocery savings. If it is a really good deal, I will stock up on as much as my budget will allow or as many as I have coupons for.
My original purpose of this blog was to post these stockpiling items to help others who were just starting their journey with coupons or even those who do not have time to look for deals and match up coupons. To follow along you will need to obtain the Dothan Eagle paper on Wednesdays which includes all of the ads listed here except for the Piggly Wiggly (Troy and Brundidge) ad which might be delivered to your door or is in the Troy Messenger on Wednesdays. You will also need to purchase a Sunday Dothan Eagle or Montgomery Advertiser for each member of your family. Or if you know someone that will give you the coupon inserts from these papers that would be even better.
Now I do buy most of my Health and Beauty products from Walgreens or CVS. I mainly use Southern Savers for a list of what is on sale at these two stores because I love their shopping list tool. There are so many wonderful sites out there that have the deals at these two drug stores that I felt it would be redundant to post these here. I do post the link to several of these on the side of my blog for those of you who are interested.
If you are new to couponing I would greatly suggest that you read either Shop Smart, Save More by Teri Gault (Founder and CEO of The Grocery or The Coupon Mom's Guide to Cutting Your Grocery Bills in Half by Stephanie Nelson (Founder of They are both great resources for learning the game of couponing and the two drugstores I have mentioned above.
As I strive to be all the things that God calls me to be-a wife, a Mom, a daughter, a sister, an employee, a friend-I find myself barely having time to gather up my coupons and head to the store. So I apologize for those weeks in the past and those weeks in the future that I miss a week of posting the week's stockpiling deals. I can only promise that I will try to do better.
I hope that this information helps you to discover a love of couponing as I have. I also pray that you will find the resouces you need to help you lower your family's grocery costs.

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